The coolest slumber party you've ever been to.

Welcome to the ninth biannual HackRU, hosted at Rutgers University by USACS, the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists!

Schedule can be found here:


  • Main Lounge and Multipurpose Room - Floor 2 - Main hacking area, ceremonies, food
  • Red Lion Cafe - Floor G2 - Tech Talks, additional hacking space
  • Room 411AB - Floor 4 - Additional hacking space
  • Room 411C - Floor 4 - Reserved for sleeping
  • Lion's Lounge - Floor G2 - Reserved for sleeping

Tech Talks:

  • 2:00PM - Type- and Resource-safe C++ (without overheads) with Bjarne Stroustrup of Morgan Stanley
  • 2:50PM - An introduction to building webapps, geared towards first-time hackers with Eddie Zaneski of Twilio
  • 3:30PM - Accelerate your hack with Firebase - Real-time App in 5-minutes with Ray Tsang of Google
  • 4:00PM - AT&T Dev Program and APIs Lightning - Chief Technology Disruptor, Spondon Dey, of AT&T
  • 4:10PM - Hack on Google Cloud Platform - Infinite Possibilities with Ray Tsang of Google
  • 4:50PM - Hacking NES Games with Sam Agnew of Twilio

Check out the Morgan Stanley challenge here:

Remember to check the Slack at for updates!

If you are not in the Slack, please notify an organizer or volunteer and fill out this form:

Check out the New Brunswick Office of Innovation here:

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Students who have registered for HackRU and checked-in to the event are eligible to participate. As per MLH regulations, all hackers must currently be a student or have graduated within the last school year.

All projects MUST be submitted to DevPost by 11:30AM on Sunday, October 4th.

Participants MUST print and sign this waiver to be allowed entry. Anyone under 18 MUST have their waiver signed by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.


Will be Announced!

Will be Announced!

Judging Criteria

  • Will be Announced